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New Alaska Crystal Glacier Product

Congratulations Alaska Crystal Glacier–New Product With the glow of the Northern Lights

It’s here! Alaska’s first ultra-premium bottled water in a unique glass container. Alaska Brands Group (ABG) and partners, Larry Murray and Gil Serrano, unveiled their new Alaska Crystal Glacier Water ™ product at Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s community briefing today. Not only was the audience impressed by the beauty of the bottle, but they also were intrigued with the aurora blue glow emitted from each bottle. Mayor Sullivan joined four former Anchorage Mayors in offering their congratulations on a job well done.

Alaska Crystal Glacier water is the result of two years of extensive research and development marrying the glass bottle, product brand, and LED technology to create a new ultra-premium entry into the world beverage market. This new upscale bottled water provides a valuable keepsake for those special moments such as proposals, celebrations and corporate events. Mayor Sullivan commented that manufacturing growth in Anchorage begins with creativity and brands that take Alaska to the world singulair drug.

Alaska Brands has worked closely with Alaska Crystal Glacier Water for the past year to bring the manufacturing online. Larry Murray, President of Crystal Glacier Waters stated,  “I have been pleased with the hard work of Alaska Brand’s CEO, Lynn Allingham and her staff to bring the glass bottling line up and running. We’ve been so pleased that we’ve become a member of the Alaska Brands Group and we look forward to working together to develop strong growth and market opportunities.”

What is so special about our Alaska glacier water? Within nature’s seven-year recycling period, most of the water on our blue planet – except glacier ice – evaporates into the atmosphere returning to earth, again and again. Unfortunately, this continuous process cannot completely cleanse recycled water of all the harmful pollutants contacted along the way. For thousands of years, glacier water has been safely stored – frozen in time for more than 10,000 years. We know of no more pure water source than Alaska’s glaciers.

Alaska Brands brings water to our Anchorage facility by tanker truck where it is carefully filtered and purified to maintain a high mineral content and natural ionization resulting in a beneficial and high pH which is good for health. Lynn Allingham offered her congratulations to Larry and Gil for a job well-done and first orders are in production for an international hotel chain and a major resort hotel in Las Vegas. The first container-load is scheduled to depart February 4th from the Alaska Brands facility. Alaskans will also be able to buy Crystal Glacier Water. It is scheduled for railbelt stores and restaurants in February. Larry Murray finished his comments by stating, “If the world can’t come to Alaska to see our Northern Lights, let’s bring them to the diners, one table at a time.” Well said Larry!