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Going International!

Clearly Alaskan premium bottled water from Alaska’s glaciers coming soon to store shelves in Pacific and Asia

Alaska Brands Group, LLC (ABG) announced today that it is now exporting one of bottled water product, CLEARLY ALASKAN, is sourced from Eklutna glacier an untouched river of ice frozen in time for more than 10,000 years where it has remained free from modern contaminants. Taipei and Hong Kong are the first markets to receive this unique Alaska water product, but awareness of CLEARLY ALASKAN has attracted the interest of other international distributors. Alaska Brands Group has identified additional strategic markets in Asian and Europe and is planning targeted expansion into these regions throughout 2011.

CLEARLY ALASKAN is unlike other bottled water products on the market today. The water is sourced from one of the few Glacial-fed Lakes in the world, Eklutna Lake, and is pure and rich in oxygen. The oxygen was captured at a time when the oxygen content of the earth’s atmosphere ranged from 30 to 33 percent; the cleanest and healthiest air the planet ever contained. It’s remarkable balance of natural mineral content, ionization and high base alkalinity (7.9 pH) make it a beneficial aid to body hydration and good health singulair allergy medicine.  The water is charcoal filtered and ozone purified to maintain a natural and fresh taste. Speaking about the exceptional quality of water from Alaska’s glaciers, Alaska Brands Group CEO, Lynn Allingham, noted, “many bottled-water products around the world are altered and artificially enhanced with minerals and vitamins, and additives to raise the pH. The features making CLEARLY ALASKAN unique are minimal processing and a unique natural combination of minerals. We really don’t need to add anything—its naturally good!”

CLEARLY ALASKAN is also earth-friendly featuring ENSO dual recyclable and biodegradable ENSO plastic bottles. Of course, recycling is best, but, if the bottle should end up in a landfill, the plastic decomposes efficiently.  According to Allingham, “the beauty of our plastic is that it is fully compatible with recycling systems worldwide, and there is no difference from traditional PET plastics found on the shelves today.”

CLEARLY ALASKAN joins a proven family of bottled water products marketed by Alaska Brands Group – the well-known CLEARLY ARCTIC® bottled water made for the Alaskan market, and ALASKA CRYSTAL GLACIER® water, an ultra-premium brand targeted for the hotel and fine-dining market.  These products not only feature the benefits of a glacier-fed source, they also capitalize on Alaska’s widely recognized pristine image and unique mystique.

To bring this premium quality glacier water to consumers in both international and domestic markets, Alaska Brands Group has built a modern, vertically integrated, high speed manufacturing facility capable of handling every step of the bottling process. Operations includes production of plastic containers, bottle loading and washing capability, a full range of filling and capping machines, labelers, shrink bundling  and the conveyors, to tie it all together. The product is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 310mL to 1.5 Liter.

Alaska Brands Group is a 10-year old organization created by long time Alaskan businessman Gregory Galik. Under his leadership, Alaska Brands Group has helped a number of Alaska-based companies successfully enter both domestic and international markets. Today, the company operates as one of the northern-most beverage manufacturing facilities in the world.  For more information about Alaska Brands Group  and their commitment to quality manufacturing, visit, or call +1907 561-5223, For inquiries from Asia: +886 2 8786-2227.