About Alaska Brands Group

Alaska Brands Group is a 10-year organization created by long time Alaskan businessman Gregory Galik. Under his leadership, ABG has assembled a team of experts dedicated to developing and marketing unique Alaskan food and beverage products. Their efforts have helped a number of Alaska-based companies successfully enter both domestic and international markets.

Under the leadership of company CEO, Lynn Allingham, Alaska Brands put this experience to work for itself by investing in a product line showing tremendous growth worldwide – premium bottled water.  Created in 2008, the brand, Clearly Alaskan, is not another processed tap water product. It comes from a glacial lake in Alaska’s pristine Chugach National Forest. The purity and uniqueness of this 10,000 year old glacier water is undeniable. It’s remarkable balance of mineral content, natural ionization and high alkalinity make it a beneficial aid to good health.

To bring this premium quality glacier water to consumers, Alaska Brands built a modern, vertically integrated, high speed manufacturing facility capable of handling every step of the bottling process. Our operation includes production of biodegradable and recyclable plastic containers, bottle loading and washing capability, a full range of bottle filling and capping machines, bottle labelers, shrink bundling  and the conveyors, to tie it all together. For a quick tour of our modern bottling operation, watch the video below…


814 W Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage, Alaska 99503